If a character takes damage equal to or higher than his Wound Threshold in a single attack, he can be knocked down. To determine whether the character resists being knocked down, the player must make a Knockdown Test using his Strength step. The Difficulty, or Knockdown, Number is the difference between the Damage Points taken and the character’s Wound Threshold, + 3. If the Knockdown Test is successful, the character remains standing. If the dice result is lower than the Knockdown Number, the character is knocked down. The gamemaster makes the Knockdown Test for creatures or gamemaster characters resisting knockdown.

Corvis the Thief has a Wound Threshold of 10. His opponent whacks him with a wicked sword stroke for 17 points of damage. Because the number of Damage Points inflicted in one attack is higher than his Wound Threshold, Corvis takes a Wound and must make a Knockdown Test. His Knockdown Number is 10 (17 points of damage – 10 = 7. 7 + 3 = 10).

Corvis’ player makes a Strength Test for his character to avoid knockdown. The result is 9. The next thing Corvis knows, he is flat on his back.

Knocked-down characters can act but suffer severe penalties to do so while knocked down. Subtract –3 steps from all tests made by a character while knocked down. Also, subtract –3 from the Physical Defense Rating of a knocked-down character. These penalties remain in effect until the character gets up. Standing up is a simple matter, but takes up the character’s action for that Combat Round. That means a character can use no talents that require an action during the same Combat Round in which he gets back on his feet.


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