Werewolf Fight
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Fill in the fight with the werewolf

Brandor Slain, Meeting Yellowspring

Achelies takes the ancient stone sword from the corpse of Brandor. Smorgs proceeds to hold a funeral for Brandor and burns his body. The group looks to the creature on the ground the Molgrim were fighting over. It is the corpse of a Manticore. Smorgs and Taru haul the body back to their camp, toss it in the back of the wagon.

The group hobbles back to their camp to recover and move on to Hanto. The group continues and encounters a second village. Unlike the first village, they are greeted by an ebody ork, named Rhamduc on a horse. The ork invites them to bring news of the world. Upon the mention of Bartertown, the ork lights up and lets them know he was a city dweller like themselves. He mentions that he was called back to the village of his birth, “Yellowspring” He mentions various taverns of Bartertown to see the groups opinion.

He convinces the group to enter and stay in his village. The group discusses the Grim Legion on the way in, but Gromor Bane notices the town is surrounded by spikes covered by horse manure. Gorb notices that there is no general storage hut for their villages food. The ork replies that food is distributed among the huts so they do not get stolen from.

Achelies asks for food and the ork obliges. The group joins the villagers in the nightly feast. Looking to impress the children, Achelies performs a back flip. Rhamduc lets the party know that other villagers have offered up their huts for the adventurers to sleep in. Grob attempts to sleep next to the fire, but Rhamduc convinces him otherwise. At dusk, Rhamduc leads the group to huts on the northern edge of Yellowspring.

Achelies and Gromor Bane don’t trust Rhamduc and stay awake within the hut. After 4 hours, Gromor Bane hears the pounding of several hooves. Gromor Bane puts “Earth Blend” into his spell matrix and hears an elven yell. Gromor Bane runs out and wakes his party.

Taru wakes to the smell of burning straw, charges out and sees the villagers fighting another group of strangers, all of which parry and posture, but not landing any hits. Nate steps out and fires his War Bow at what appears to be an elven villager. His arrow launches and knocks one of the strange elf right off the horse he was riding. Achelies runs up and punches the same elf in the face, knocking him out. Smorgs steps out to this and flying into an Acrobatic Strike.

The attacking force yells out to retreat and runs off in fear. One villages manages to scratch Achelies with a hand axe while they are retreating. Gorb flails another villager off of a horse as well and is knocked out as well. Two unknown raiders lie unconscious on the ground.

Rhumdac yells out and tries to get the adventurers to follow through with taking out the “Cherrypitters”. Gromor Bane jumps up on Taru’s horse. Achelies ties them up, and interrogates one of the “Cherrypitters”. During the questioning it’s discovered the raid is only retaliatory from the “Yellowspringers” from the night before.

“I’ll be seeing you later”, says Achelies and knocks the elf back out.

Taru gains on the 13 remaining “Cherrypitters” yelling out in fear. Rhamduc catches up to Taru and asks if they want to continue the chase or return to the village to regroup. Taru agrees to return to town.

Upon returning town, the group discovers that Rhumdac wants to push the Cherrypitters off of their land, that Yellowspring was there first. Taru and Nate resolve to go to Cherrypit to get their opinion.

The group heads to Cherrypit and sees a similar village, sans the stakes protecting the town. A woman comes out in attempt to have them leave the village of Cherrypit, much like the first village encountered.

Red Circle defeated, Charboyya's request

The party has grown in legendary status and have been doing various jobs in the meantime. A courier comes to their Red Circle mansion, looking for Smorgs, Gromor Bane and Achelies. Achelies takes the message, opens the seal and finds it’s from a dwarven merchant offering a job opportunity. They meet with Charboyya’s cloth emporium.

Charboyya invites the party into his office to discuss the job opportunity. He describes that he’d spent money hiring adventurer’s to take messages to his home village of Hanto. The group that he sent did not return. He asks the adventurers to take some messages to his town.

The party asks “How much?” He offers 650 silver for each party member. Nate the archer steps forward and asks for 800 silver. Charboyya agrees. The agreement is made and papers are drawn. The party leaves the simple office and an elf maiden notices Taru asks what he’s doing. The elf maiden’s name is Keleshanne and lets Taru know that she’s off at dusk would be interested in learning more about the cavalryman. She whispers to Taru, “Alone”.

Brandon’s character goes to the Great Throalic library, pays his 25 silver and attempts to research the ancient sword that Achelies wields. The rest of the group orders provisions for the journey.

Achilies and Gromor Bane scout out the pre-arranged location where Taru is to meet Keleshanne. One of the orcs that was showing cloth at Charboyya’s shop notices Achilies. Achilies sits down with the orc and has a drink with him. The orc asks Achilies where he is going. Achilies states he doesn’t know where, but to impress the orc does a backflip. Achilies lands back-flip and impresses the orc. The orc mentions he’s a simple salesman and wants to impress Keleshanne. Achilies tries to convics him that he can help him with this problem. The orc is unconvinced and mentions that he is looked down upon because he’s an orc. Achilies proceeds to buy him a few ales. The orc mentions he is from a villiage named “Burnpatch”. He angrily mentions that a former friend is in the “Grim Legion”.

He let’s them know that the “Grim Legion” is a bunch of crazy folk always fighting horrors. They go to great lengths to appear mysterious and powerful. The orc says he wished his friend never joined the “Grim Legion”. The orc swings his arm and spills his ale all over Achilies. Achilies says that it’s alright, “He spills stuff on himself all the time, such as the enemies blood.” The orc stops and backs away a little. Achilies presses the orc for more information and repeats that Charboyya is an honest business man.

Dusk falls, Smorgs trains on a tree. Taru enters the bar and sees a drunk Achilies. Taru looks for the elf maiden, doesn’t see her and moves to Achilies. Achilies drunkenly assures Taru that he’s “got his back.” Taru sits him back down. The elf maiden comes in and spies Taru. Taru attempts to strike up a converstaion about work, but doesn’t convince her. She turns the conversation on it’s head, purchases an ale and hooks up with Taru. She mentions that Charboyya is a good employer. Taru agrees. She invites Taru back to her abode. Taru agrees, but goes to tip the bartender and communicates to Achilies to follow. She notices the motion and questions Taru about knowing him. Achilies makes a drunken statement and gets Taru to leave with her.

Taru follows Keleshanne to her home, Achilies managing to follow without being detected. She invites Taru inside, closes and locks the door. Achilies sees the the candlelight blow out. Achilies attempts to break into front door, but hears noises that inform he should walk away.

Brandon finds nothing out about the sword, the morning comes. Taru returns home to find a delivered map with directions to Hanto. Gromor Bane finds that most villagers in that neck of the world do not trust strangers. The group is prepared to leave.

A courier named Gorb, a down on his luck Sky raider, is tasked to deliver Charboyya’s medallions and letters. He comes to the ex-Red Circle estate, and recognizes Taru as a member of his clan. He informs Taru that his village has been wiped from the map. He delivers the sealed letters and medallions. The medallions are proof of the groups trustworthiness to the people of Hanto. Nate attempts to see if he can forge the seal, but it is true intricate. Taru invites Gorb, as a member of his clan, to join the adventurer’s group.

In mentioning the Grim Legion, Brandor (Deceased) explains the group is a fanatical horror hunting group.

The group leaves Bartertown, following the map that Charboyya provided. Days pass and the group falls into a false sense of security. The days enter into a routine of travel and camping, waiting for something to happen. The landscape gets wilder: grass taller and trail faded.

About 1/3 of the distance to Hanto, the group encounters a village. The villages notices the adventuring group and all stops farming, holding pitchforks, shovels, knives. A villager man yells at the group to stop as they approach. Nate yells out “Why?”

The villager yells “Stop now”, the other men raise their pitchforks and women and children start moving behind them. Brandor holds up the medallions to no effect.

“That means nothing to me” says the villager. Achelies says that he’s either walking on the road, or over dead bodies. The villager is unimpressed. Achelies says nothing and simply walks around the villager. The villagers grumble but start to part. Brandor hesitates. Gromor Bane stops and begins to cast “Plant Talk”. The villager stares at him and says “Please don’t touch our livelihood”. Gromor Bane is able to convince the villager that he is an elementalist and is allowed to speak to the crops. Gromor Bane wades through the crops and finds an imbibed corn stalk that has a spirit within. A hard, gruff spirit exhibits surprise to Gromor Bane.

“Is there anything wrong with this village?” Gromor Bane asks. “There is no wrong in this village. They are fearful of strangers and horrors.” is the reply.

The groups dares the villagers the attack as they walk forward. As soon as a party gets close they back away. Nate grabs the arm of one ork farmer. The ork farmer pulls his arm back, grumbling to be left alone. The speaking villager tells the group that they want to be left alone. Achelies plows forward through the village, unscathed.

The group continues, Taru on his warhorse, Gromor Bane’s porter pulling along their cart with provisions.

On the 8th day, as the group settles down for the night. Brandor and Smorgs are the starting sentries for the night. As the night progresses, nothing is observed. They wake Achelies and Grob to take over in the middle of the night. As the shift is changing, the only thing the group notices is the wind dying down as the night continues.

Dawn breaks, the group packs camp, Porter is cast, apples are eaten. All the group sees in front of them is the savanna brush. The landscape turns into more of a wasteland.

9th day, night comes, camp is made. Nate and Taru take the first shift on this night, the moon rises, the air chills. Nate perks up and notices an unexpected a humanoid screech of pain. Next is a sound of over sized birds, with the sound of demonic ostriches. The bird sound continues in the direction the group will be heading in the morning. Nate wakes the group to investigate.

The group walks towards five shadowy shapes running around a larger shape on the ground. As they get closer, they see a large bear shaped, bird headed animal. The group doesn’t know where the human scream came from. At 200 yards, they decide to sneak attack the animals circling their kill. The group prepares to engage with five Molgrim.

Nate steps forward and lets loose with his War bow. Gromor Bane casts Wind Armor on Achelies, and the group engages. The battle is fierce, Taru charging, Gromor Bane casting Ice Spear and Flame Weapon to buff his allies, Nate letting arrows fly, the rest swinging their weapons for all their worth. The battle is close with Gromor Bane, Smorgs, and Brandor being knocked unconscious. Then, in a dire turn of fate, the Molgrim dig into Brandor’s unconcious body and begin eating him. Brandor has fallen to his death to a Molgrim.

Revenge of the Famer's Wife, Foiled

Lanifer lies dead in a road, and during the corse of the battle the group didn’t notice the mercenary archer had snuck off, running back to the camp. Taru puts his heels into his horse and rides him down.

Smorgs has finally rid herself of the weight of knowing that a vengeance hungry woman of whom had her family killed by a prior adventuring group, has finally found peace.

Achelies reaching Gromor Bane and Co.

Taru, Nate, Gromor Bane, and Smorgs have repelled the ambush at the broken ox cart. Achelies, traveling alone has tracked the group to this location. The archer they had beaten is still with them. He explains that he is part of a gathered band of mercenaries brought together by a woman driven by vengeance. He also informs the group that Smorgs is the last member or a prior expedition that had slaughtered her innocent farming family.

The archer that they had beaten informs the group that the woman has been ambushing travelers with the group of mercenaries she has gathered. The group convinces the archer to join them. He informs them that there is a significant bounty for Smorgs and the mercenary camp. The group decides to attempt to infiltrate the mercenary band in order to find the loot of two years of ambushing from within the camp.

The archer leads Nate, Taru, and Achelies couple miles through hilly brush to a makeshift wooden encampment, smoke rising from it’s center. Defensive spikes surround the wooden walls and the pointy tops of tents from within. Achelies, Taru, Nate with the defeated archer step up to the camp. The archer calls out a notification that they’re incoming. The upcoming group is challenged on the way in, but allowed eventually since the archer is with them.

From inside the camp, they see mercenaries training, some simple maps, a few tents, with one large one in the back. A well decorated mercenary runs into this large tent. The adventurer’s notice that when the flap is opened, the inside of the tent is completely black, almost to the point that light bends inside. After a few moments, an old woman with dark hair with grey streaks steps out of the darkness, the mercenary following behind her. Achelies directly asks why she’s in charge. The woman replies that she is offering a significant bounty for the people who had ruined her life. When Nate asks the significance, she replies 100 gold. The woman explains that she is Ellen Tailgrain, once a farmer’s wife of whom her family had been slaughtered by some so-called adventurers. She had made it her business to remember these adventurer’s and would have her revenge.

Achelies asks “What would happen if we just killed you instead?”. Ellen’s eyes go down to a sliver, and she responds “You’re welcome to try.” Achelies inquires as to why she’s so powerful. Ellen casts Bone Dance on Achelies, causing him to lose control over his skeleton, forcing him to place his hand in the fire. Ellen looks at Nate and lets him know this is why she is in charge. The archer whispers to that that they’d better not push her any further. Achelies regains control over his body, and they agree to join this group of mercenaries. The archer informs his commander of the change in his group and that they’ll go back to patrolling. When asked where the rest of his group was, the archer is able to convince the commander that these new people are more capable. obviously, because they bested the last group.

The archer lets them know they can join him on the next upcoming patrol. Achelies chooses to make a lean-to in the fort. Taru, Nate and the archer resupply and head back to the road to watch for anyone to pass by.

In the meantime, Achelies attempts to gather more information about the necklace that was embedded into his neck. He asks Ellen to see if she can tell him any information, but that he is unwise to let her have a cursed necklace that had that had that much control over him. He gets it back from her and goes to sleep in his lean-to.

After a few miles of travel, Nate, Taru and the archer meet back up with Gromor Bane and Smorgs. Nate lets Smorgs know the danger that she is in. The group watches the road for people for a couple days. One the second day, a dust cloud is seen in the distance, 3 riders on horses. Nate perceives that it is Lanifer with two men flanking him, riding down the road. Lanifer stops 100 yards from the cart. Nate let’s a arrow loose straight at Lanifer, but misses. Taru charges out of the brush right at Lanifer. This spurns a battle that eventually leaves Lanifer and his two men dead in the road. 600 silver woth of items is found off their corpses. During the battle, the group doesn’t notice that the archer had snuck off to run back to the camp.

Brandor, taking matters into his own hands.

Brandor encounters the Red Circle in the search for what he believes Kegel’s Sword. He tries to convince the Red Circle to allow him entry, doing various small tasks around Bartertown to earn enough silver to pay a scribe to create wanted posters for himself. Eventually he gets through in the same dungeon as Achelies, tries to escape and makes out of the red circle compound alive.

Brandor manages to get himself thrown in the city dungeon due to the wanted posters he had put up in town. He insists on staying in Bartertown to try and retrieve that ancient sword.

Achelies is eventually tasked to assassinate Gromor Bane. They leave town early however, beating Lanifer out of town.

In Possesion of the Grimore of Mnith Propmolder

The group of Smorgs, Gromor Bane, and Brandor debate whether or not to rescue Achelies from the clutches of the Red Circle. Gromor Bane has spent the prior day pining over the Grimore of Mnith Propmolder, to unlock the secrets of Ice Spear. The debate comes to a head and Brandor leaves, leaving Smorgs and Gromor Bane left with the decision to continue. Gromor Bane continues his study of the grimore into the second day, passing the ultimatum given by the messenger boy of the Red Circle.

Taru, recently having left the group after their first expedition into the mountainous cavern, had returned to his village to find the residents scattered. In the center of the village were fleshy pods the size of grown adults, growing from the ground. Whenever Taru attempted to reach the pods, a wave of weakness reached him, and he dared not investigate alone. Frustrated, he head back to the expedition camp, to find it deserted. Taru tracked the group back to Bartertown, and through conversation and search, came to Gromor Bane and Smorgs with an elf archer, simply referred to as Nate, in tow.

Taru, confronts Gromor Bane and Smorgs to assist him in the rescue of his village, and after finishing the day of study and learning the spell “Porter”, Gromor Bane joins Taru, Smorgs, and Nate who have assembled provisions to save his village from this unknown sorcery.

After a week of travel to the south east, following the Serpent River, the party comes around a bend to a broken ox cart. Cautiously approaching it, the parting finds a trip wire tied the cart reaching out into the forest. On this discovery, the group is confronted by 3 disheveled orks and 3 human bounty hunters demanding surrender of the “female, ork Warrior”, who has been charged with murder.

Instantly, Taru charges the group and a battle ensues. A pair of archers supporting the bounty hunters begin firing from the bush. The party successfully repels the remaining bounty hunters after slaying half of their number and are left with one of the supporting archers, knocked to the ground. When interrogated as to the source of those charges, the archer shakily pulls a dirty and worn bounty order from his pack, listing Smorgs as one of five fugitives on the loose for slaughtering an innocent farmers family. The bounty was posted by the sole survivor of that family, the mother who managed to escape. Smorgs is the only survivor of that party.

Nate gives the archer a choice to join them or die.

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Cave Troll wants "Dirty Paper"

The battle continues but ends abruptly with a heroic strike made by Achelies, knocking the cave troll unconscious in one strike. Lanifer pulls the moss covered skin from the fingers of the troll, rolls it up and puts it in his map case. Lanifer and henchmen leave the cave, while Achelies jumps down in front of him, with flourish. The group heads back to the dwarven hovel where Smorgs was left unconscious.

Lanifer unrolls the skin and invites Gromor Bane to read the grimoire. Lanifer walks over to Smorgs and is confused by the fact that she is still unconscious. Lanifer inquires as to what happened to Brandor. Lanifer, Achelies and Rabid exit the hovel to look for him, leaving Gromor Bane under the care of his henchmen to not disturb his study.

Lanifer walks to base of the stairs, looks and points into the dark. “He went this way.” The group follows the edge of the carved out mountain, walking into the dark. After a half an hour of following the wall, Lanifer stops and puts his finger up to the wall, He runs his finger a crack in the wall. Achelies mentions that slipshades come out of cracks just like that one.

“I don’t believe in your …. AHH!” Lanifer yells as a Slipshades two dimensional form slides under his hand. A battle with the slipshade follows. In the middle of the fight, Brandor in a daze, dragging his sword on the ground, comes stumbling out of the dark into the light, and joins into the fight. The group runs back to the hovel as it’s found they can’t defeat this slipshade alone. Gromor Bane and the henchmen by Lanifer, Achelies, Rabid,and Brandor bursting in with a Slipshade behind. As the fight rages and the slipshade takes damage and weakens, Smorgs starts to wake. Still wounded she wakes and jumps into the fray. Rabid runs away in fear back to the entryway of the kaer.

After a few minutes of heated battle, the Slipshade is beaten. The group heads back to the entryway of the kaer. At the inner wall of the mountain, the group finds Rabid, crying to himself that he can’t get out of the kaer. Gromor Bane opens the mountain with Earth Darts for the last time, and they make it out of the kaer, the fresh air of the forest hitting them in the face. The group is battered, specifically Brandor feels significantly weak.

“How long is this going to take?” asks Lanifer. Gromor Bane has no idea. Camp is made and Gromor Bane studies the Grimoire. Bound in the moss is a story of Kegal. The description of the sword that he had carried for 20 years matches the ancient sword Achielies now wields. Night passes and the group recovers. In the morning, Lanifer asks Brandor if he regained his strength. Brandor has not and Lanifer, glaring, demands that he stays away from him. Smorgs through her knowledge of alchemy identifies the symptoms of a curse flowing through Brandor.

Brandor is more interested in the sword Achelies took back when he was knocked down unconscious during the original fight with the slipshades. The group finally understands that what they have in their possession is in all likelyhood, Kegel’s Sword. The group makes way for Bartertown. As the days pass Lanifer spends more time alone with his remaining henchmen. About 25 miles from Bartertown, the adventurers make camp as normal. Gromor Bane wakes to Lanifer whispering commands to his henchmen, and wakes Achelies, Smorgs and Brandor.

“Until next time Achelies” and Lanifer starts off with his men. Gromor Bane notices that the grimore of Mnith Propmolder is no longer in his possesion and calls out to Lanifer. Lanifer states he’s taking the grimoire to a more qualified individual who can make sense of it. Gromor Bane gets in his way.

“If Achelies comes with me, you can have it.” says Lanifer. “Since he’s proven himself, he is not to be killed.” Achelies agrees to these terms. The parchment is handed to Gromor Bane and the henchmen flank Achelies, headed towards Barterntown at the cusp of dawn. Smorgs, Brandor, and Gromor Bane head towards Bartertown as well, but eventually lose track of Achelies.

Once reaching Bartertown, Gromor Bane returns to the Elementalist who had tasked him with recovery of the knowledge of Purifying Earth. The Elementatlist asks if he has found this knowledge.

“I’m not sure” says Gromor Bane, and he offers the grimoire to the Elementalist, who inspects it for additional knowledge. He notices that he cannot learn more than Gromor Bane has. Brandor asks the Elementalist if he can remove curses, which he cannot. The elementalist continues to study the grimiore for hours. Smorgs and Brandor leave the home of the Elementatlist to find a magician with the power to remove the curse that still inflicts him from the kaer. Eventually a sage is found who can remove the curse for the price of 20 silver. Smorgs spends the coin, leaving her with 285 silver and Brandor goes through the ritual to remove the curse.

Meanwhile, Gromor Bane discovers that even after all this time, the moss on the animal skin is still alive. Gromor Bane attempts to speak the spirits within the moss, via Plant Talk, lifting the parchment close to his head. The low rumbling of the plant spirits are surprised at his communication.

“No one has spoken to us for hundreds of years, who are you?” they ask. Gromor Bane introduces himself. Gromor Bane speaks to the plant spirits further and it is found that upon request, they can rearrange the moss to for the shapes of different runes, granting different forms of information. Gromor Bane asks for the knowledge of Purify Earth, and the spirits within the moss obliges. He discovers that this is Mnith Propmolder’s grimoire with various bits of knowledge. There are several spells that can be learned. Gromor Bane spends the first day “Ice Spear”

After Brandor is through the decursing process, a little boy runs up and hands Smorgs a half folded piece of paper, with a red circle on it. Smorgs thanks the boy and reads the message. It is a trade proposal, the grimoire for Achilies.

“Achelies has served his purpose. If you want to see him alive again, the grimoire must be returned to Lanifer.” Additionally, are instructions on where to make the trade. Brandor and Smorgs head back to where Gromor Bane is and hands him the proposal. Gromor Bane quickly declines the offer.

It turns out Achelies had been knocked out, and he wakes in the dark, it what sounds and feels like a dungeon.

Returning into the dwarven kaer

Lanifer and his henchmen start putting out their bedrolls, grumbling about tents. Achelies walks over and starts boasting about taking their tents. Gromor Bane tosses a tent over to keep the peace. Taru goes off to the side. The groups immediately sleeps, and in the morning Taru is found to be gone. Lanifer makes note of it.

The group cremates the body of Tyerial. The group builds an altar for the body at the edge of the forest. Along the edge, tracks are found. Coming towards the group from the forest, Rabid, who is a beginning Beastmaster bumps into them. Rabid attempts to walk by but Achillies pulls out his dagger and throws it into Rabid’s knee after Rabid tried to talk to him. Rabid in turn slashes at Achelies with a claw shape. Achelies calls out for Gromor Bane. They abruptly stop the fight and complete the act of cremation.

From behind them, the group hears “Are we done with this, yet? I have a treasure to get.” It’s Lanifer. He beckons to Gromor Bane to head back into the kaer, as he the only way in. Rabid witnesses this and tags along. Gromor Bane stops, turns and evaluates this beastmaster who is following them. He invites him along.

They all reach the entryway again and Lanifer puts his hand on the wall. Gromor Bane casts Earth Darts into the wall, the darts stick and the group is provided access to the kaer again through shimmering stone.

“Finally.” exclaims Lanifer and he walks in. He and his henchmen lead the way.

“Where’d you get the map?” asks Gromor Bane. Lanfier stops, turns and looks at him. After a cold moment, he continues down into the kaer. As they enter the kaer, Lanifer pulls out a map case, pulls out a map and starts mumbling to himself. Achelies attempts to lean down and feign interest. Lanifer calls Gromor Bane over and shows a tattered map of the kaer.

“We’re looking from the grimoire of ”/characters/mnith-propmolder" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mnith Propmolder , an ancient and powerful elementalist. I think the reason you came down here." says Lanifer. He heads off towards the library that Gromor Bane had already visited. Lanifer starts searching through scrolls. Gromor Bane joins him.

Achelies mentions that slipshades are in this kaer and they should hurry. Lanifer mentions that slipshades are the hoarders of treasure. Gromor Bane mentions the troll cave they had found from their prior visit. Gromor Bane, Tyerial, and Rabid lead the way to the elevated troll cave.

The group reaches the dwarven hovel where Smorgs had held against 4 slipshades until knocked unconscious. Looking inside the building they find her body shield on the ground, and when lifted, her body still underneath, unconscious and barely breathing. Gromor Bane attempts to revive Smorgs, but she does not wake. The group decides to wait for her to revive, and they lift her onto a stone table, embedded into the wall of the house. Gromor Bane suggests using Smorgs’s shield to block the dwarven door while waiting for her to revive. They block all avenues for light, light a torch and wait.

After several hours, the group hears the loud, thudding noise, walking, stone dragging on stone, heading up the stairs to the troll cave. Lanifer slightly moves the shield aside and mentions that the troll is heading up to the cave. Lanifer and his henchmen step out of the dwarven building and head up to the cave. Achelies, Gromor Bane and Rabid rush out to join them.

The group climbs to the top of the stairs and looks into the cave. Achelies sprints up the stairs ahead of everyone, but manages to keep his step’s noise to a minimum. Inside a different cave troll is rummaging through the pile of items. Achelies steps into the firelight to approach the troll. The troll growls and grabs his stone axe. Achelies tries to talk him down, but the cave troll doesn’t believe him. Achelies tries again and tells the troll that he is there to help him.

“Do you need help?” says Achelies. The troll mentions that he is looking for something. Eventually, Achelies gains minimal trust from the cave troll. Lanifer pushes his way in and is bewildered by Achelies ability to gain a cave troll’s trust. Lanifer moves forward and starts rummaging through the loot in the back of cave, looking for one particular thing. Achelies manages to gain trust by mentioning the loss of Tyerial.

“This could be it!” exclaims Lanifer, “Gromor come here.”

Gromor looks at what Lanifer is holding. It appears to be a animal skin of some kind, with what appears to be living moss in the shape of dwarfish runes. Gromor Bane attempts to read the moss, but can only see that it is a magic item. He can see the stories and experiences embedded into this skin, including his shared experiences with a great adventurer named Kegal. Included are various elementalist spells.

Achelies attempts to convince the cave troll to leave with the group, to no success. Instead Achelies convinces the troll that the “dirty paper” is of value. The troll snatches it from the hands of Gromor Bane and starts to walk away.

“Stop him!” yells Lanifer. Achelies tries to defuse the situation, but stead a fight ensues. The cave troll roars and launches the dwarf, Rabid into the wall. Achelies tries to step in between but to no avail.


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