Returning into the dwarven kaer

Lanifer and his henchmen start putting out their bedrolls, grumbling about tents. Achelies walks over and starts boasting about taking their tents. Gromor Bane tosses a tent over to keep the peace. Taru goes off to the side. The groups immediately sleeps, and in the morning Taru is found to be gone. Lanifer makes note of it.

The group cremates the body of Tyerial. The group builds an altar for the body at the edge of the forest. Along the edge, tracks are found. Coming towards the group from the forest, Rabid, who is a beginning Beastmaster bumps into them. Rabid attempts to walk by but Achillies pulls out his dagger and throws it into Rabid’s knee after Rabid tried to talk to him. Rabid in turn slashes at Achelies with a claw shape. Achelies calls out for Gromor Bane. They abruptly stop the fight and complete the act of cremation.

From behind them, the group hears “Are we done with this, yet? I have a treasure to get.” It’s Lanifer. He beckons to Gromor Bane to head back into the kaer, as he the only way in. Rabid witnesses this and tags along. Gromor Bane stops, turns and evaluates this beastmaster who is following them. He invites him along.

They all reach the entryway again and Lanifer puts his hand on the wall. Gromor Bane casts Earth Darts into the wall, the darts stick and the group is provided access to the kaer again through shimmering stone.

“Finally.” exclaims Lanifer and he walks in. He and his henchmen lead the way.

“Where’d you get the map?” asks Gromor Bane. Lanfier stops, turns and looks at him. After a cold moment, he continues down into the kaer. As they enter the kaer, Lanifer pulls out a map case, pulls out a map and starts mumbling to himself. Achelies attempts to lean down and feign interest. Lanifer calls Gromor Bane over and shows a tattered map of the kaer.

“We’re looking from the grimoire of ”/characters/mnith-propmolder" class=“wiki-content-link”>Mnith Propmolder , an ancient and powerful elementalist. I think the reason you came down here." says Lanifer. He heads off towards the library that Gromor Bane had already visited. Lanifer starts searching through scrolls. Gromor Bane joins him.

Achelies mentions that slipshades are in this kaer and they should hurry. Lanifer mentions that slipshades are the hoarders of treasure. Gromor Bane mentions the troll cave they had found from their prior visit. Gromor Bane, Tyerial, and Rabid lead the way to the elevated troll cave.

The group reaches the dwarven hovel where Smorgs had held against 4 slipshades until knocked unconscious. Looking inside the building they find her body shield on the ground, and when lifted, her body still underneath, unconscious and barely breathing. Gromor Bane attempts to revive Smorgs, but she does not wake. The group decides to wait for her to revive, and they lift her onto a stone table, embedded into the wall of the house. Gromor Bane suggests using Smorgs’s shield to block the dwarven door while waiting for her to revive. They block all avenues for light, light a torch and wait.

After several hours, the group hears the loud, thudding noise, walking, stone dragging on stone, heading up the stairs to the troll cave. Lanifer slightly moves the shield aside and mentions that the troll is heading up to the cave. Lanifer and his henchmen step out of the dwarven building and head up to the cave. Achelies, Gromor Bane and Rabid rush out to join them.

The group climbs to the top of the stairs and looks into the cave. Achelies sprints up the stairs ahead of everyone, but manages to keep his step’s noise to a minimum. Inside a different cave troll is rummaging through the pile of items. Achelies steps into the firelight to approach the troll. The troll growls and grabs his stone axe. Achelies tries to talk him down, but the cave troll doesn’t believe him. Achelies tries again and tells the troll that he is there to help him.

“Do you need help?” says Achelies. The troll mentions that he is looking for something. Eventually, Achelies gains minimal trust from the cave troll. Lanifer pushes his way in and is bewildered by Achelies ability to gain a cave troll’s trust. Lanifer moves forward and starts rummaging through the loot in the back of cave, looking for one particular thing. Achelies manages to gain trust by mentioning the loss of Tyerial.

“This could be it!” exclaims Lanifer, “Gromor come here.”

Gromor looks at what Lanifer is holding. It appears to be a animal skin of some kind, with what appears to be living moss in the shape of dwarfish runes. Gromor Bane attempts to read the moss, but can only see that it is a magic item. He can see the stories and experiences embedded into this skin, including his shared experiences with a great adventurer named Kegal. Included are various elementalist spells.

Achelies attempts to convince the cave troll to leave with the group, to no success. Instead Achelies convinces the troll that the “dirty paper” is of value. The troll snatches it from the hands of Gromor Bane and starts to walk away.

“Stop him!” yells Lanifer. Achelies tries to defuse the situation, but stead a fight ensues. The cave troll roars and launches the dwarf, Rabid into the wall. Achelies tries to step in between but to no avail.

Lanifer's Smoldering Camp

With the battle at the camp concluded, Achelies, regains consciousness, ties up the wizard, and proceeds to punch him in the face to wake him.

The Wizard wakes, looks at Achelies and says “Is that all you’ve got”? Achelies punches the wizard again and knocks him out again. Achelies wakes him again with a punch. Achelies confronts the wizard on why he is a target. The wizard explains that Achielies failed his task and is to be brought back to the Red Circle. He also explains he is just a mercenary for the Red Circle and that a note in his tent can explain more.

Achelies notices that his sword is missing and takes the broadsword offered by Brandor. Gromor Bane takes the tents and the group continues on towards the believed entrance to the kaer.

Taru and Gromor Bane notice the worn path on the ground that leads right into the surface of a mountain face. Gromor Bane detects the the dwarven runes embedded into the wall, and the seam in the mountain that represents the entrance to the kaer. After some thought, Gromor Bane Earth Blend’s into the wall under the runes. He pushes back and passes through the wall of the mountain, pressing through what feels like heavy sand. He pushes through to the other side into complete darkness and lights a torch. Before him, he sees a cave that extends into the darkness like a hallway. From the other side of the wall, he sees the runes carved into the inner wall are reversed. He attempts to read the runes but can only decipher what appears to mean “application” and “earth”. Gromor Bane weaves Earth Darts and fires them right into the wall. Instead of dissolving, they stick into the wall. It becomes translucent and Gromor Bane can see the light and outlines of those on the other side of the wall. The group all push through the wall into the black, the darts fall from the wall and they proceed down the hallway.

They follow the descension and notice the magical barriers protecting this pathway. Gromor Bane notice that the runes are broken in areas. They reach a massive pair of wooden doors, swung open. They enter and breathe in air that smells untouched for a significant amount of time. Inside this area, it appears as far as the eye can see the inner mountain has been opened. They have reached the kaer they had been looking for, a massive dwarven city.

The group splits for different important areas of dwarven cities. Gromor Bane, Brandor, and Smorgs head for what appears to be the library of records of the kaer. The building is full of shelves containing old scrolls, all organized by year, shelves carved out of the mountain. Gromor Bane walks to the end of the shelving, passing all the history of the kaer. As time passes in scrolls, Gromor Bane reads the history the kaer, watches as the diligence of recordkeeping wanes, and finally the failed exploration of the world and the notation that horrors were still roaming the surface.

Gromor Bane notices that there is no art in the later scrolls, simply status reports. He also notices that there are number of scrolls missing from the shelves.

In the meantime, Taru, Tyerial, and Achelies reach what they assume is the town hall of the kaer, and find little of interest. Achelies immediate turns around and heads back to the library, and sees Gromor Bane, head down reading scrolls. Achelies, Brandor, Gromor Bane and Smorgs head back to the kaer entrance.

Taru and Tyerial begin to search the kaer for items of value. As they stroll through the homes in the kaer, they find nothing artistic or spiritual in any building, nothing defining. After a dozen buildings, they think they hear something. Rushing back out nothing is found. Tyerial climbs the roof of the nearest building, waves his torch around, but finds nothing.

As Achelies and company head back to the entrance of the kaer, along the wall and elevated they see a lit cave. They head towards the cave. Reaching the wall of the kaer the cave is beneith, they find stairs carved into the mountain leading up to the cave. Climbing the stairs and entering the cave, they see it lit by a fire in the middle, and a giant double bladed, stone axe leaning against the wall. Exploring the cave, they find a gigantic mess of scrolls, art, symbology of passions, and other shinies in the back of this cave. Gromor Bane notices another distinctive slit in the back of the cave. He casts earth darts at the slit, the dart hits the slit and splats into the wall dispersing.

Achelies, Smorgs, and Brandor begin to lift the giant stone axe. They only manage to lift it slightly before dropping it in the ground. The thud is loud enough for Taru and Tyerial to hear it in the deathly silent kaer, despite the distance. Before they can head towards the sound, they sense a large, lumbering creature, and begin to follow it instead.

While Achilies begins to rummage through the stuff in the back of the cave, Brandor and Gromor Bane continue to find the secrets of the slit in the wall, through Earth Blend and just hitting it with a sword. Gromor Bane hears a lumbering step heading towards the cave. Achillies begins to start looking for riches to take, but only finds scrolls that may be of value. Turning around Gromor Bane and Brandor see a semi-sentient, large cave troll, dripping drool from it’s fanged mouth.

The cave troll roars and points at his axe on the floor. From behind the group, a blanket of black slides out of the slit in the wall. 6 Slipshades emerge, 2 of which engage the troll, and the other 4 engaging the group. The battle rages in the cave, Slipshades against Cave Troll, adventurers against slipshades. Taru and Tyerial reaches the battle and engages. Tyerial shoots arrows from the tops of rooftops, Taru, Brandor, Smorgs, Achelies melee and Gromor Bane helps his compatriots by lighting their weapons on fire. The battle rages in the cave and eventually moves out of the cave. Taru draws a slipshade away and mounts his horse and down the stairs with Tyerial shooting at it. The Cave Troll is tore to pieces by the slipshades it is fighting. A slipshade engages Tyerial and knocks him unconscious. Taru comes back around trick rides to launch on to the rooftop to revive Tyerial. Brandor and Gromor Bane are knocked unconscious as well. Smorgs gives ground into a door frame, blocking 4 Slipshades to the best of her ability. Taru lands the launch onto the roof to wake Tyerial. Taru jumps back towards his horse, but misses the landing. Tyerial stands up and begins shooting arrows again.

One slipshade takes an interest in Tyerial and performs a massive armor piercing claw, slaying him instantly, despite him trying to avoid the blow. Achelies manages to run up and pick up Tyerial’s corpse to run out. Gromor Bane follows, while weaving threads for Earth Darts. Smorgs is hit and knocked unconscious, her body falling beneath her body shield. Taru rides up to Gromor Bane, and pulls him up on to the horse. Taru, Gromor Bane, and Achelies, carrying Tyerial’s body run out of the kaer, leaving Brandor and Smorgs unconscious in the kaer.

They rush to the door, Gromor Bane casts Earth Darts at the door, reopening the door. As the door allows light in, the group sees the silhouettes of humanoid bodies on the other side of this shimmering wall. Achelies forces his way through the door to find the wizard the his cronies waiting on the other side.

“Didn’t go well, did it?” says the wizard. Achelies agrees and says he would like to bury his brother (Tyerial) and that he is the sole survivor. One of the trolls passes Achelies into the cave and sees the remainder of the group. All are disheveled. The Troll reports what he sees to the wizard. The remainder of the group pushes their way through the shimmering door.

The wizard looks at the remaining group members Taru, Achelies, and Gromor Bane and simply says “I have a proposition for you.” Achelies says “What is it?” The wizard says he can’t get in to the kaer without elementalist magic. The wizard asks to join forces to find what is in the kaer.

“You’re going to have to do better than that.” says Achelies. The wizard states he has reason to go back in, a map to the treasure trove left in the kaer. Achelies asks if the wizard has a last chance salve for Tyerial. The wizard says he’s never needed one before. Achelies threatens to kill one of the henchman to prove the point. The wizard says it wouldn’t be logical to kill someone who would help in the kaer.

“Do you agree to my terms?” says the Wizard. The group grudgingly says ‘Yes’ after some banter.

Reconvine in Bartertown, Now Circle 2

Gromor Bane and party are all in Bartertown, of which Taru has now joined them. Achiiles is the wielder of the ancient sword found in the temple.

Gromor Bane’s trainer summons him for another task. The trainer takes note of the spiked balls that were found in the temple as well and finds their their curiosity is mutual. The Elementalist states that the most likely person he knows that would have any knowledge of the spiked balls has his own problem. Gromor Bane inquires who it is.

The Elementalist describes a group of Shaman, Beastmasters and Elementalists who are looking to create an enclave dedicated to Jaspree, south of Bartertown. The land is still scorched and tainted by the mark of the Horrors past, and the desire is to find someone who can purify the land.

The elementalist directs Gromor Bane to a known, abandoned Kaer where it was believed the elementalists of ancient times had the power to clear the inner mountains to build their own kaers. The kaer was also considered haunted. The Elementalist commissions Gromor Bane to build a group of adventurers to investigate this kaer.

Gromor Bane starts looking for his group around town, only to hear of an archer who believes he should win fist fights. Gromor Bane follows the rumors to their source, finding the bar where Taru’s elven archer friend had just lost another fist fight. Taru purchases a war hound in town and names him “Leon” in the time that Gromor Bane eventually finds Brandor and Smorgs wandering around Bartertown, searching for work as a blacksmith.

Achillies spends his time entering the Throalic library in Bartertown, researching the sword that he had found. Gromor Bane searches Barterown for an Elven swordmaster with a stone sword with a ruby on the hilt. Once found, Gromor Bane invites Achillies on this quest. Before departing, Gromor Bane visits the tailor who had crafted him the cloak made from Espagra scales, looking to sell the Death Moths still had from prior adventuring. The tailor offers 1000 silver pieces for the nine sets of wings, of which sounds like a very fair deal from Gromor Bane’s perspective. He sells some creature organs for another 650 silver.

Taru, his elven friend, Brandor and Achillies each have blood pebbles embedded into their skin. In the meantime, Gromor Bane searches for the thieves who had stolen his cloak. He heads back to the bar where he had first encountered the Red Circle. Nothing comes from sitting at the bar for several hours.

The group reconvenes in the morning to set off towards the mountains Northeast of Bartertown to the dwarven kaer the elementalist had directed them to. After a few days of travel then notice another campfire in the night. Achillies and the elven friend of Taru, sneak off to investigate the camp. Achillies strolls into the camp while being covered by the elven archer. The camp has 2 trolls and 2 orcs and a human sitting around the fire, picking meat off a skewered boar. Upon entering the light, one of the trolls grabs an axe and yells “Who are you?, What do you want?” to Achillies. One of the two humans stands up and tells the troll to stand down. Achillies notices that there is something strange about this human.

“We’re on a expedition, looking for someone.” says the human, “An elf with a unique sword.” The human looks at the ancient sword strapped to Achillies side. Achillies gives the signal to start firing at the archer in the woods, but the archer, named Tyerial, doesn’t notice. Achillies calls out Tyerial’s name mid-sentence. Instead, Achillies, gets hit in the back of the hit with hilt of a sword by one of the orcs who had snuck around him. Achilles crumples to the ground.

Tyerial sees this and shoots at the Orc. Gromor Bane hears Achillies call for help Tyerial’s arrow connects in the back and the human yells out “There’s more!” Combat ensues. Smorgs performs a heroic acrobatic strike on a troll, Brandor rushes up and steals back the ancient sword from Achilies unconscious body. After a few minutes of hectic battle, all of the camp lay unconscious or dead. The adventurers look through the camp, and Gromor Bane finds a missive from the Red Circle. The missive instructs the holder to find the elf with a runic sword who had recently failed them.

The group debates what to do with their beaten opponents.

After leaving the temple of Jaspree, Severos Jungle

Smorgs had been commissioned by the Red Circle to return a certain Silver Plate from the lost temple of Jaspree by the Red Circle. The entry marks the completion of that quest and the adventuring group returning back to Bartertown.

After the expedition to the Jaspree Temple, Smorgs, Gromor Bane, and Achelies leave the depths of the Serpent Jungle. Upon exiting the the jungle, Smorgs encounters Brandor barely surviving as a blacksmith at a small T’Skrang outpost. Brandor rejoins Smorgs and agrees to return to Bartertown to train in their adept abilities.

Achelies attempts to commission a boat back to Bartertown. Through successful bartering, Achelies negotiates the price down to 8 silver per person. The next boat from heading to Bartertown would not come for another week. The group heads to a dark, musky tavern, filled with T’Skrang.

Achelies speaks out to the patrons of the bar “What are you looking at?” Nothing happens. The group chooses to camp outside of town.

After 2 days, the village knows all about the adventuring group, who are the only non T’skrang in the village. Gromor Bane and Smorgs begin work on a chair. Achillies and Brandor stroll around the town, they notice a T’skrang male attempting to get his wares to the dock. In the meantime, Gromor Bane starts getting wooding for making a chair.

Brandor notices that two T’skrang arguing regarding a shipment. Achillies strolls over and asks what they’re shipping. The shipwrights recognize the adventurers. One asks if they are there to impose justice. Brandor replies that he his there to help with the problem. It turns out the two T’skrang are arguing about the ownership of the spices being loaded into the hold of the ship that the group is leaving the villiage on. Achillies sides with the T’skrang on the right, who is not the master of the crew moving the barrels around. The shipowner whistles and his men stop to look at Achillies. Achillies pulls out his sword.

The local constable breaks up the fight. The shipowner tells Achillies “this isn’t over”. This is the only excitement while waiting for passage. Gromor Bane finishes his chair halfway. The ship appears. Achillies notices the man he squared off with is loading his wears on the boat.

The group steps on to the boat and notices the flourish of the female T’skrang captain. Brandor strikes up a conversation. The captain welcomes them aboard and makes note that she doesn’t mind brawling, but not on her ship. The group is told that this is a trade ship and it shows. They see that this ship is run by regular T’Skrang crewmen, swinging back and forth from sail to sail. The crew seems most uneasy when the group is present on deck.

After a week passes on the journey and the group is awoke to the shuddering of the ship and the screeches of T’Skrang. The group heads to the deck and sees the captain of the ship, hands on the wheel, steering the ship right for the coast. The captain is crashing the ship, pushing her crew away. The ship shutters as it slams into the shore. Looking down onto the beached shore, the group sees a group of T’skrang, Orks, Humans and Trolls pointing at the boat, weapons out. Grappling hooks start getting hooked to the bow of the boat. Brandor leaps forward to start slashing at the ropes, but there are too many and the boat is engaged in combat.

The rest of the group stay below, guarding their spoils. Smorgs rushes to the top deck, followed by Gromor Bane and Achillies. Eventually they press most of the invaders back, including Achillies coming face to face with the T’Skrang Captain. The group fights their way up to the back deck where the captain has stood and held her ground. She advises him that it is not his fight. Upon this advice she backflips off the boat and swims off. The group turns around and finds the crew of the trade ship, slaughtered, and the adventurers surrounded by the large boarding party.

While the group decides whether or not to head back down for their treasures (Ancient Jaspree Relics, 2 Large Emeralds, and the The Silver Plate), one of the humans of the boarding party steps up and yells “Parlay!” Achillies attempts to negotiate by first offering Gromor Bane’s chair and Brandor as a blacksmith. The human says he wants their silver and weapons, particularly the “fancy” looking one. Achillies hands over one of the emeralds, and the human calls him out for the 2nd one, sword pointed at his throat. Brandor stubbornly refuses to release the ancient sword. The human states either he receives the sword or they will not leave this boat alive. Brandor continues to refuse. The human shrugs and the entire party is lead down to the beach beside the crashed trade ship.

On the beach, the group sees the invaders take the supplies from the boat. The human boarder reaches for the ancient sword at Brandor’s side. Brandor slaps his hand away. The human squares off to fight Brandor. After a few rounds of fighting, the human knocks Brandor unconscious and takes Kegal’s Sword for his own.

The human instructs the rest of the group to drop their weapons and start moving the inventory of the boat. They see that the boat is 2/3 empty already, and Achillies falls into line. The human steps up to Smorgs and Gromor Bane as asks if they have anything good for him or if he’s going to have to leave them unconscious like their friend. Smorgs and Gromor Bane are tied back to back up to a tree and are left behind as Achillies walks away with the boat boarders, with the intent of joining these “unscrupulous people”.

Smorgs attempts to force her way from the ropes holding her, but only manages to squish Gromor Bane. Brandor eventually recovers from his unconsciousness and screams in frustration that his ancient sword has been taken. He then looks over and sees Smorgs and Gromor Bane tied to a tree. He frees them and they all see the wagon tracks leading into the forest. Gromor Bane checks the lower hold for his chair, finds it where he left it. While picking it up, he notices that of all the artifacts in the hold, the only one missing is the silver plate specifically asked for by the Red Circle.

Following the wagon tracks, Smorgs, Brandor, and Gromor Bane find an opening in the dense forest that reveals a camp. They see that this is a group of hard-up thieves.

Achillies notices that the captain of the boat is arguing with a troll in the middle of this camp, which the bandits, who are quite ramshackle, start breaking open the barrels to reveal the expected spices, but also unexpected jungle fruits.

Gromor Bane leaves north for Bartertown. Brandor and Smorgs follow the tracks of the Captain who has now left the camp. Following the tracks of the Captain, they eventually lose the scent. From the behind them, they hear the captain say “You think you’d leave well enough alone.” Brandor states he would risk his life for that ancient sword. The captain mentions that their goals may be the same. The leader of the camp had promised the captain something, and didn’t deliver. The captain offers a plan for Brandor and Smorgs to wait until to dark to assault the camp.

Achillies tries to convince the duelist human that he wants to join this group because he has no where else to go. The human is convinced. Achillies asks why the T’Skrang Captain is angered, and finds that the boss of the camp wasn’t intending to pay the captain. He describes the camp to Achillies, how they are free to do what they will, but work together when the time comes.

Achillies approaches the troll leader and finds that the leader of the group was expecting the silver plate to be on the boat when the boat was delivered, but was not found. The captain claimed to not know where it was either. Achillies mentions he is part of the group that found the plate. He spends the rest of the day making his lean-to.

Night comes, and the darkness of the forest presses down on Smorgs and Brandor. The captain looks at Smorgs and Brandor and asks “Are you ready for this?” They agree and they all step into the camp. Smorgs and Brandor attempt to sneak to the troll leader’s camp, but Smorgs gets caught on the trees and makes a significant amount of noise. At the noise, the Captain hisses and runs off. Brandor follows the captain into the forest, before being caught

At her discovery, Smorgs surrenders. The thieves wave Smorgs in to be taken to the troll.

Brandor loses track of the Captain’s tracks. Brandor goes back to his entry point, and aims his bow. The thieves perceive the arrow flying past and call out to chase Brandor down. The group in the center of the camp asks Smorgs who else is in the forest. She mentions Brandor, and they snicker at the thought of fighting a human. In the midst of the confusion, Smorgs hears the yelling regarding the death of the Troll leader of the camp.

Achillies wakes and runs to the troll leader’s tent at the yells of his death. Achilles looks in and sees the Troll dead on the ground, with the ancient sword sticking out of his chest. Achillies just says out loud “the Human”. One of the theives look at Achillies and says “Really?”

“Not Really”, responds Achillies.

The yell of “Search the Camp” echos out in the camp. Smorgs is asked where the human went. Her answer is not believe and a fist comes swinging at her. She dodges. The inquisitor still does not believe her. Achillies walks over and gets the answer of Brandor’s existence. Achillies reports to the second in command of the T’Skrang captain who had not been paid. Achillies takes the sword from the chest of the troll.

Brandor is seen skulking around in the brush, but as they approach him, they fall dead. Achillies find the biggest group to be around. Smorgs runs to the brush and tries to hide amidst the distraction. Instead she runs into the brush and just makes a bunch of noise.

Even man who reaches towards Brandor falls dead before they can get close enough, and the groups fervor turns to fear. Brandor launches an arrow into the camp, but doesn’t hit anything. Brandor sees a black shape in the tree above him. In the midst of that black shape, he sees the reflection of the campfire. Brandor follows and finds the T’Skrang captain. She turns and demands what he’s doing. Brandor mentions he’s looking for the Silver plate as well. She runs into the camp and starts slaughtering the thieves. Achillies, seeing the captain heading towards him runs towards Smorgs and Brandor. The T’Skrang Captian was instead covering the escape of brandor’s party.

The second-in-command of the camp stops Achillies and simply says “I knew we couldn’t trust you.” Achillies mentions that he needs the plate from the captain, and they both turn to confront her.

The captain turns with the fire behind her, having killed or frightened most off, and says “What…”

Achillies tries to convince her that he needs that plate. The second in command shaking in fear, draws his broadsword. Achillies looks at him and says “You were right not to trust me.” and runs off with the rest of the group.

On the way to Bartertown, Brandor notices Achillies has the ancient sword in his belt. Achillies says it’s his now. Brandor draws his broadsword. Achillies leaves Brandor in the dust, sprinting away.

The group reaches Bartertown. Gromor Bane reaches Bartertown a day early, and searches down a local Elementalist to train for Circle 2. Gromor Bane, with only 198 silver of the 200 required, is unwilling to train for less or for trade of Gromor Bane’s chair, but he is willing exchange a task for reduced cost in training. He asks Gromor Bane to retrieve some ale from the “Broken Wheel” of whom will not sell that ale to the Elementalist.

Gromor Bane heads to the “Broken Wheel” and tries to convince the Dwarf bartender to sell the ale to the elementalist. The Dwarf is not conviced as the last time he sold ale to an elementalist, he had to clean the weeds and vines from his establishment. Gromor Bane attempts to convince the Dwarf to sell to him. The Dwarf asks for a task of Gromor Bane, escorting a shipment from a shady part of Bartertown to his establishment.

Gromor Bane reaches a dark corner of Bartertown, and knocks on the door of a building that looks more like a one-story barn. A crusty man comes out of the barn and tells Gromor Bane that he will need to escort a cart full of goods to the “Broken Wheel”. Gromor Bane is ambushed by a couple scraggly people. They jump down and ungracefully land. Gromor Bane takes advantage of this and conquers the would be attackers.

Gromor Bane delievers the goods of which the dwarven bartender is grateful for. He gives Gromor Bane a keg of ale to deliver to the Elementalist, of whom agrees to train Gromor Bane to become a circle 2 elementalist, cutting the price down to 100 silver! Gromor Bane begins his ascension training that requires 40 hours of training within 3 weeks.

In the meantime, the remainder of the group reaches Bartertown. Achillies heads to the estate of the leader of the Red Circle to confront him about the mission tasked him. The leader of the Red Circle asks him where the Silver Plate is. Achillies confronts him about the T’Skrang Captain the assumption that the Captain has the plate. The human replies that even if he did, he wouldn’t tell him, but instead accuses Achillies of failure. Achillies turns his back on the leader of the Red Circle, and walks out of his estate.

Smorgs finds a warrior trainer to elevate her to 200 silver. She pays the warrior and she begins her training. Brandor exchanges his blacksmithing ability for Circle 2 training as well.


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