The Hunt for the Blue Book

There is about 16 hours of gameplay that needs to be entered. This particular adventure was done in three sessions. This is the Legend Point awards and notes I don’t want lost.

Smorgs: 100 Legend points for naming Alley

Charboyya summons the group while under the influence of something and tasks them to find the “blue book”. This is the introduction of Rabid (2), an elven Archer. They agree to a fee of 500 silver per person.

Smorgs: 25 Legend Points for first thinking Charboyya was cursed.

They attempt to stalk Charboyya, to no effect.

Upon to return, an old crazed man is pounding on the mansion door, saying it’s “her”. The group takes him down into their basement cell and hold him there for the safety of Alley. In his muttering he mentions a castle of sand. They end up going to the great library of Throal to research folklore regarding sand castles, spending 25 silver.

Gromor Bane: 25 Legend Points, mentioning the Severos Jungle.

The group travels to Hanto to find where the Grim Legion had gone. Embrica asks the group to help them again to re-allow farming. They end up fighting a weak Globerrog.


Legend Points: 150
Silver: 500

Aardelea joins them and shows them a drawing matching the ancient T’Skrang folklore of the Horror and the Sand Castle. She says she needs to join them on a trip. They travel to the serpent river, and stop at a small T’Skrang fishing village, letting the old man wander off on his own.

Kwamm, Lo-Arr Brand, Dayla Red Roses and the Thief engage the group upon reaching it, trying to take Aardelea into their custody. Zanven Wolfswift breaks into a ballad of trust to try and get Kwamm to forgo this, but Kwamm is not convinced.

Legend Points: 300 for killing Kwamm.
Legend Points: 100 for killing Lo-Arr Brand.
Legend Points: 200 for defeating and sparing Dayla Red Roses
Legend Points 25: For a fight changing Flameweapon – Gromor Bane

It is this point that Oosi is killed by Kwamm. Zanven Wolfswift picks up Kwamm’s sword: Derita’s Silk-Tailed Wailer

Dayla Red Roses leaves in a huff. Moltaa stops buy and tells the town not to allow the adventurer’s passage for fear of the Grim Legion. A brown-spotted pirate tells them that he could get them a boat if they would retrieve some inventory of his that had been stolen. The only clue was a trail of minature spiders leading into the forest.

They reach the forest, save a giant egg from falling off a cliff. Zanven Wolfswift climbs the tree from which the egg came from, causing a fight with a giant spider.

Legend Points: 70 Giant spider

They find the crate that infects Zanven Wolfswift with a purple smoke that compels him to keep the crate.

On the way back they fight a weak Inshalata attempted to surprise them.

Legend Points: 100

Zanven Wolfswift turns around and convinces the town blacksmith to attempt to open the crate, transferring the need for ownership

25 Legend Points: convincing the town blacksmith to open the box. Zanven Wolfswift

During the jaunt in the jungle Baird and Rabid (2) spent their time drinking in the tavern.

They get on the pirate ship, and head down the Severos River. On their way they’re engaged by another ship, but are able to out pace them.

50 Legend Points: Pirate Boat Battle.

They make it to the town of Trosk, a small village built on the ruins of a Pre-Scourge trading city, held by questors of Jaspree trying to restore the badlands.

Legend Points 25: For knowing of Jaspree.

The questors ask the group to help them defend their encampment from what appear to be ancient cadaver men that come at night. They end up fighting 12 cadaver men.

Legend Points: 1300

Rabid (2) ends up dying in the fight and Maloneil does as well.

Baird spent 150 silver to have Spike Hand Gauntlets created for him.

Riddle 1:
Show the penance of freedom
passions grace will allow within

Legend Points – Zanvan Wolfswift for binding himself: 25

Riddle 2:
Embrace the winds of change
Forgo the life of fame
Remain the care engrain
Proceed as you deign

Legend Points – Smorgs: 25 for hugging the statue

Riddle 3:
Burn in triumphant fire
Enemies lie in ire
Wall will fall in entirety
Beware your imminent destiny

Solving the Riddles: 250 Legend Points.

They end up fighting Moltaa, and beating her, barely, with the help of her ex-companions, but have released the horror Ubyr from it’s sand prison

Legend points: 500

The Skull of Maarburg
Horrors Sourcebook. Page 88


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