Finally Reaching Hanto

Smorgs has been beaten by Achillies. The daughter of the werewolf mother taken from the group’s abode, the ex-headquarters of the Red Circle. Smorgs recovers from the fight, as Gromor Bane and Zanven Wolfswift encounter the remnants of Charboyya’s first group to Hanto. They tell Bane and Wolfswift that they are not capable of going back to Hanto with them, but suggest an up and coming Dwarf Beastmaster, Baird. After Smorgs’ recovery, the group of three set out to grab Oosi.

After the failed pitfight, Oosi lost all respect from the blacksmith he had apprenticed from and was pushed out of the smithy to find the adventure he sought. As he was pushed out Bane, Smorgs, and Wolfswift came by to encourage him to join their party and convince Baird to do the same.

The party leaves Bartertown’s borders, to find Baird interacting with his war hound. After a short dicussion and an initiation involving battle abilities, Baird grudingly agrees to join the party and the group of 5 sets out for Hanto.

Over the course of two weeks, group heads east, passing and avoiding Yellowspring and Cherry Pit, to avoid the issues of before. A few days later they reach the trench near Hanto, where they were ambushed. The next day, walk up to the entry way of Hanto and see Kwamm nearly finished with his brick entry gate to the quarantined village.

The party confronts Kwamm to deliver Charboyya’s messages. They agree to allow Kwamm to deliver the messages and return for replies the next day.


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